All Sportiva HID Conversion kits utilize AC Digital Ballasts. Why do so many competitors still use DC ballasts? It is because they are cheap to manufacture, hence can be sold at a very low price. When a company only thinks about having the lowest price, they do not care what quality of products they put out there - definitely do not have customers best interest in mind. You spend a good amount investing in your car, you should care about what you put into your car. Give us a call for a free per-sale evaluation on what is the best HID Xenon Conversion Kit for your car, truck, motorcycle and RV: Monday to Friday 9:30 - 4:30 909-595-0550 Pacific Standard Time.

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Why Buy SPORTIVA brand Xenon HID Conversion Kit:

Huge SAVINGS, Factory Direct Cost!

Fits all vehicles which that have projector or reflector headlights.
Easy installation, only 20-30 minutes to install.
Longer Usage Life Cycle, On average, 10 times of traditional halogen bulbs.
Greater luminosity: makes it super easy to drive at night and bad weather.
ISO 9001:2000, E-mark Certifications.
Solid metal Water proof/Vibration proof ballasts.
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Color Temperatures Comparison

Top quality Bulbs material:
*Glass Tube is from GE America.
*Bulb electrode is made by Planskee of Austira.
*Bulb Color Pills are made by APL of America.
*Xenon gas is supplied by Prax Air of America with Xenon gas purity of 99.999%

*Pass European E-Mark Certification
*Pass ISO9001:2000 Certification
*Pass IEC68-2-6 Vibration Testing
*Pass EN60529 Waterproof and Dustproof Testing

Available Standard Color Temperatures: 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K

Special Color Temperatures that cost more: 3000K, 30000K, Pink, Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Golden  are special order only. (Not available for bid but can be purchased by calling 909-939-4234 or email to confirm stock and Buy It Now pricing before order)

1) UV cut quartz tube, with high degree of Xenon gas purity content
2) Luminous flux: 3,200Lm
3 ) High brightness: three times lumens than the general halogen
4 ) Long lifespan: over 3,200Hrs
5 ) Low consumption of Energy: Half of the tungsten bulbs


1) AC-Digital Ballast
2) Input Voltage Range: DC 9 - 16V
3) Normal Voltage: 13.2V
4) Input Current: 4.2A
5) Max Input Current: 8.2A
6) Output Wattage: 35W or 55W
7) Working Temperature: - 40 ~ 105C
8) Max. Start Voltage: 23KV
9) Casing: Aluminum Alloy
10) Splash Proof Sealed
11) Dimension: 4.12L*2.75W*0.6H (Inch)
12) Easy Installation

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